This live and interactive class has six sessions over a two week period. It will guide girls from start to finish on how to develop and launch their business. At the end of this class girls will have their business up and running. Classes are small and limited to 12 girls per teacher over zoom.
The last class will instruct both parent and student through opening a store. with us using a screen share. Sessions are one and a half hours.

General Information:
Each class has two age groups (chose at registration).
Ages 8-10 and 11-12
Schedule: A   $49.99
Monday, Wednesday, Saturday                            Mon and Wed 3:30 - 5:00                                       Sat 10:00 - 11:30 

Schedule: B  $49.99
Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday​                                  Tues and Thurs 3:30 - 5:00                                    Sunday 10:00 - 11:30 
                                                                          The last weekend session requires a parent to be on the call the first 30 minutes.                                                                
Program: Upon registering the student should look through our Pinterest and DIY ideas to choose and product and have their supplies ready. There are many product ideas that can use supplies you may have at home. Also Michaels has curbside  pick up.
Session One: covers what it takes to be an entrepreneur, examples of young entrepreneurs, themes, vision boards and product development. Supplies needed: old magazines, scissors, glue
Session Two: This session is a workshop to make products. Under the direction of the teacher, girls will share and give each other ideas as they make their products. This will build collaboration skills, though working on separate products. 
Session Three: Selling points, pitching, branding, logo creation, suggestions  and dem of easy graphic solutions to use for logo creation. 
Session Four: Capital, cost of product, figuring out your profit and inventory sheet. These are all hands on exercises. Please print out sheets if possible, if not please have blank paper available.
Session Five: Marketing, looking at online options, writing good copy, (age appropriate), how to keep customers
Session Six: Parents are asked to be on the first 30 minutes as we guide you through opening the student's store on Bizzy Girls. It's simple to open the store. We will show you and the girls how they can easily manage their own dashboard. This is made for tweens and  teens so they will be able to upload new products and track their customers and earnings.                                        Students
Entrepreneur Class
​class ends with your own online store
(at home)
Free Classes
How to start and run your own biz                                      One hour video
This video is a one hour overview based on our entrepreneur class. We help you get started, discuss themes, logos, capital, cost, profit, opening a store and marketing.  
Emil us for our Mini Launch Kit to use during the video. Three workbook pages to print. Please write "kit" in the email. Thank you
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     How to open and run a store
20 Minute video
Zoom video with a shared screen takes you through the simple steps of opening a store   and using the dashboard.

        For start dates please contact us
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          Free  Mini Launch Kit
For our free mini launch kit please email us and ask for forms. We will send our forms for                          Cost Sheets
   Cost and Profit Sheet
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