Bizzy Girls was created to celebrate and empower tweens and young teens. It is a lifestyle brand with programs, products and books that teach entrepreneurship, leadership skills and build self confidence.

Bizzy Girls programs are offered through out the country at various shopping malls, through partnering cities and schools. We are currently partnering with Bizzy Girls Licensees to offer the program nationwide.

Using a unique system, the programs teach entrepreneurship to girls ages 7 to 14. This includes developing a product line and learning the skills needed to market and sell their products. Girls create a pop up store at the end of their session, and also sell their products at our regional fairs and through other venues.

Bizzy Girls has a book series Kate Kate and the Bizzy Girls, aout a teen fashion designer and her entrepreneurial friends, The Bizzy Girls. There are also products and a digital platform for girls to share their businesses.

The Bizzy Girls brand caters to todays teens and tweens, empowered, capable, taking control of their futures and changing the world.

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      About  Bizzy Girls

Deborah Kanafani, LCSW, is the founder and creator of Bizzy Girls.Trained as a psychotherapist, Deborah has worked with girls and women on issues of empowerment both in the United States and abroad.

After realizing the need for tweens and teens to have more experiences that help build self esteem and  teach financial literacy, Deborah wrote the book Kate Kate and The Bizzy Girls about a tween entrepreneur.

The positive response from moms and girls lead to the formation of Bizzy Girls. We saw there were few programs teaching entrepreneurship, helping girls build confidence and foster their creativity. 

Deborah Kanafani has also served as the Executive Director of Women in Film and Television, Washington, D.C, and was Director of International Productions for PBS, overseas where she produced educational programs for women and children. 

In 2008, Deborah became a best selling author when her memoir Unveiled, was published by Simon and Schuster. The book is an account of her three year stay in the Middle East working as an activist with the wives of Arab leaders to  stand up to oppressive regimes. 

Deborah grew up in an entrepreneurial family and has owned many businesses. She attended the business development program at the Wharton School of Entrepreneurship and has a Masters Degree in Clinical Social Work from Adelphi  University, NY. She attended the New School for Social Research where she received  a Bachelor In Psychology and completed her post graduate work at the Institute for Gestalt Therapy in New York.

About the founder


A Business Summer Camp for Little Girls?! Well, yes indeed! As a mompreneur and mommy of a sassy 7 year old, I can’t begin to express how excited my daughter (and I) was to have been invited to participate in Kate’s Bizzy Girls Summer Entrepreneurship Camp! She has not stopped talking about it for weeks now! Of course, some kids were like “A business camp? What is a business camp?” Well, she has no problem expressing to them that having a business is very important and that working for yourself and loving what you do is even more important. Of course, as an entrepreneur myself, I am beyond proud of her. 

When I met Deborah (Bizzy Girl camp), I was so excited that there could be such an awesome camp like this in “real life!” My daughter had been talking about starting her own business and this camp came right at the perfect time. I thought, “genius!”

 Bizzy Girls provides a fun filled program that fosters creativity and entrepreneurial skills through a hands on experience. Girls can develop their own product, name their own business and run it it themselves! Their entrepreneurship program is inspired by Kate Kate The Fashion Plate, a book series about a young entrepreneur living in New York City. my daughetr's experience was invaluable and she can't wait to go back next year.

About The Camp

 Bizzy Girls holds entrepreneurship program for girls between the ages of 7 and 14  at summer camps and through cities in California and various other states. Girls create their own product line, run their own company, and see their products on display at the mall and at the BLP ConnectHER  Conference and Influential Event. The program will continue to expand into major cities. 


 Naomi Pachero (left) waits as Candace Coleman-Malyszek looks at a top made by Jessica Thran at The Oaks mall in Thousand Oaks on Friday. The Bizzy Girls Camp taught girls ages 7 to 12 about entrepreneurship.

  A green dress accessorized with a black flower pin caught the eye of shoppers at a store inside The Oaks mall after Piper Dobson, 8, of Calabasas, draped it over a fashion mannequin.

 The dress was part of a line of clothing and accessories Piper and her friend Remy Portaro, 9, Calabasas, offered from their new business called Sequin Celebrities.

  Piper and Remy joined 15 other young entrepreneurs Friday at the Thousand Oaks mall, where they displayed and sold their own products as part of Bizzy Girls, a program that teaches and empowers “tween girls” ages 7 to 12 to make a product line and start a business.

Remy Portaro sold much of what she created during the Bizzy Girls Camp on Friday at The Oaks mall in Thousand Oaks. 
More than 200 girls attended Bizzy Girls Camp this summer at malls in Los Angeles and surrounding areas.
The girls not only created products but also named their companies; created logos and business cards; studied., marketing and advertising; designed a budget; and wrote mini business plans. If you can not access this, see a full reprint below or email us for a copy.

                   Partial  Press Reviews
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Climbing the corporate step ladder By Admin on July 21, 2012 in News Bizzy Girls

 founder Deborah Kanafani hands out certificates of completion to her students Friday at Santa Monica Place. The camp teaches young girls how to create a business plan, market and create their own products for sale. (photo by Hannah Berkman) SM PLACE — While Santa Monica Place was bustling during the lunch hour, the Community Room was bustling with the girls of Camp Kate Kate and their proud parents. The attendees of Camp Kate Kate, a young girls entrepreneurship camp, presented the final products of their hard work for the past two weeks to their parents and teachers. These 7 to 14-year-olds all founded their own companies and created marketable, profitable products. Deborah Kanafani is the founder of Bizzy Girls Inc., a trained psychotherapist and the author of “Kate Kate the Fashion Plate,” whose tween fashion designer protagonist is the namesake of the camp. Kanafani explained that the girls learned how to create product lines, make a business plan, understand who their customer is and the concept of profit and cost, and make business cards and press releases. “All these girls are very serious little business girls,” Kanafani said. “And they’re very enthusiastic and they want to make money!” Most of the girls in the program made clothing lines like Kate from the book, although some, like 8-year-old Maia Dittbrenner, made paintings instead. Whatever their products were, the girls learned a lot and made many friends in the process. “It was a lot of fun,” 10-year-old Allie Idelson said. “I liked everything! We got to do so many things! One day we went to a spa because the person who owned the spa was an entrepreneur and the next day we went to the market because the person who owns that is an entrepreneur, so each day we did something different and it was really cool.” Allie and her friend and business partner Billie Morton,10, created a fashion line called “Pink Girls.” “We created clothes and accessories and everything has pink in it,” Morton said. “And we try to make our clothes and accessories as colorful as possible!” Morton’s mother, Jennifer Morton, is an entrepreneur herself as well as a Santa Monican; she owns two restaurants in Santa Monica, Blue Plate and Blue Plate Oysterette, and is opening another, Blue Plate Taco. “It’s been fantastic,” Jennifer Morton said. “Learning about developing a product from start to finish and learning how much a product costs and the reality of going into business was a great experience for the girls.” Samantha Sternberg, another Camp Kate Kate girl, came up with the idea of “Creative Girls,” a company that specializes in reversible purses and coin pouches. Sternberg proudly announced that she is “8-and-a-half years old” and dressed up as Coco Chanel for her presentation. “My company is mostly purses and coin purses, and they also hold credit cards,” Sternberg said. “When you purchase it, it comes with my business card already just to start a little collection.” Kanafani is very pleased with the camp and the girls’ accomplishments. She also stresses the idea of empowering girls at a young age, especially because recent New York University studies revealed that girls’ self-esteem is now peaking at age 10 because of their want to be beautiful and their inability to live up to their unrealistic images of beauty, Kanafani said. “Giving them tools that help empower them at this age is really important,” Kanafani said. “This is a good age to target.” The girls’ products will be displayed at Distinct Designers on Pico Boulevard, at the 2012 ConnectHER and Influential Event Conference, and at a pop up store at Santa Monica Place, either in a storefront or at a kiosk. Some of the girls also set up Etsy stores for their lines and plan to sell their products at their parents’ offices and around their neighborhood.

Deborah Kanafani:, Unveiled: How an American Woman Found Her Way
Through Politics, Love, and Obedience in the Middle East (Simon and Schuster),
details her extraordinary life, and the stories of the many influential Middle Eastern women she met fighting for women's rights across the region..
Born and raised in New York, Deborah was a college student when she met future husband at the United Nations and was introduced to a world of high-powered diplomats and
 Unveiled, an exceptional new memoir. This is not, by any means, typical–either of that genre or of the vengeful tell-all that has become so popular by divorced spouses of public figures. Instead, Unveiled is a fascinating tale of loves and opportunities lost.

Hers is also the tale of scores of women Kanafani sought out or ran into on her travels through New York, Washington, California and across the Middle East, These are women–brave, strong, often brilliant women–who sought nothing more than respect and the freedom to believe and act as their Western peers. 

Indeed, this is the heart of the book. And while her own personal tale is perhaps the most heartbreaking of all–She has told their story, and now it is up to us, her readers, to act. 

NPR’s Book Concierge
Our Guide To 2015’s Great Reads
Memoir Unveils Life, Love, Freedom

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                                      Founder Deborah Kanafani
        Her book Unvield and work as a proponent of women's rights
"For me, the strength of Unveiled lies in the stories of these women, some intellectual, some glamorous, all adroit at maintaining their sense of themselves despite (or because of) family tragedies, political upheaval and cultural restrictions. Some were shadowy figures, whilst others took more prominent roles in politics and social reform. Kanafani also weaves her own story through that of the politicial upheaval of the region. 
.The mix of social changes, cultural differences, women's rights and the role of education made this a fascinating read." 

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