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Week One:

Create a Product Line 
Offering a wide range of supplies, girls  can explore  making products such as  natural henna  nail polish, perfumes made from  oils and dried flowers, doggie tees and leashes, photo jewelry,  cupcakes &more! 

Product Line
Once girls have had time to experiment, they decide on their product line.

Business Plan
Each  girl develops a mini business plan using our simple form. This helps them look at cost, profit and marketing.

We make a loan of $20  to each girl so they have money to purchase their supplies. (We have the supplies  at camp and price them so they have plenty of money).

Girls learn to follow the budget.

Week Two:

Run Your Own Company
Each girl starts the process of having their own company and making  important choices!

Choose a Name
We will do some quick  research with the to see if the name is taken.

Test It
The girls act as a focus group for each other and give feedback on the names.

Business Cards & Labels
We make it official with business cards and labels. We print them at camp and the girls can take them home. 

The girls can pick the packaging for their products.We have lots of  wrapping to choose from such as colored tissue paper, velvet pouches, pretty boxes.

Elevator Pitch
Girls practice explaining their product in under one minute.


Important Life  Skills:

Dream (yes)

Innovative and creative thinking

Brain storming


Organize your plan

Plan ahead

Make decisions


Problem solve



Produce and analyze results

Develop confidence

Be empowered!

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"If you are looking for a great new series for your young daughter or tween, the Kate Kate series is sure to please." Blissfully Domestic


                                                                                              Media Reviews


Oh this book, Kate Kate and the Bizzy Girls, "I Have To Be Me," is just fantastic, with SO many great messages for young girls.The book focuses on Kate standing up for herself and what she believes is fashionable. Confident, full of spirit,expressive Kate doesn't cave to the pressures of being like everyone else. 
Another feature of Kate Kate  that I love are the activities at the end of the book to that enhance the educational value of the story. I have never seen a book like this. It starts out with a very simple section on entrepreneurs (perfect for the age of the book) followed by more about CoCo Chanel. Oh, but that is not all,there is an entrepreneurs workbook/handbook and Mom's page and a fashion sketch book. Mom's page includes a mother/daughter book club guide, tools for girls and articles and resources that address raising tweens  Kate Kate, "I Have To Be Me," is the first in a series. I for one can't wait for more to follow. Nor can my girls.

This book is highly recommendable and as a mother, I encourage you to read it right along with your daughter. It’s a beautiful story that will definitely show mom and daughters that you're  never too old or too young to follow your dreams. Please consider reading more about this great author. She’s amazing in every way fathomable (and again, so is this book). After reading this book myself, I cannot wait to read the next installments in this great series. “I Have To Be Me” is an exceptional buy for an additional gift (stocking stuffer) this holiday season!
from blogfully mom holiday gift guide http://blogfully.net/-brand-new-tween-series/

Having always dressed different - even when I was Kate's age - I loved that this book pointed out that 
you could be different!  I immediately thought of how cool it would have been to have this book as a kid.  Flipping through it as an adult with that frame of mind, I thought it was the perfect introduction to little girls  who might also want to be a fashion designer. It really has a wonderful message.  If you know of a budding fashion designer about ages 5 to 10, this is definitely a great little gift this holiday season. 
Holiday Gift Guidehttp://www.confessionsofapsychotichousewife.com/2011/11/book-review-kate-kate-fashion-plate-by.htm

I love the idea of this book as a way to help reach my daughter on a level that she enjoys– reading books and empowering females. I want my daughter to be introduced to various aspects of life that will help teach her to be unique, true to herself and confident. This book, Kate Kate and The Bizzy Girls, really reaches my daughter in a way to help her follow her dreams without listening to her Mama preach to her about being herself and reaching for the stars.Books such as Kate Kate the Fashion Plate are a wonderful way to help your daughter read a positive message in a fun way

[REVIEW] This is a wonderful new book series for young tweens [ages 6-10]. This will be our next mother-daughter Book Club pick. It was a fun, charming,and an easy read that kept my daughter engaged and entertained.

Kate Kate and The Bizzy Girls: I Have To Be Me is a good story for girls, sending a message of confidence. I loved the fact that it focused on being confident even when others may not think your ideas are ‘cool’, or think you’re too different. After the story part of the book, there is a section with great educational and fun value. A short handbook on getting started as an entrepreneur (very simple and age appropriate),  AND there’s super cool fashion sketch pages as well. Both my girls have really enjoyed sketching out their fashion ideas and sharing them with each other. Snag your own copy of Kate Kate and The Bizzy Girls:  I know Kylie can’t wait to see the next book in the Kate Kate The Fashion Plate series! 

If you are looking for a great new series for your young daughter or tween, the Kate Kate series is sure to please.I Had the chance to sit down with Deborah Kanafani, author of kate Kate and The Bizzy Girls, read full interview her

Kate will entertain and educate young readers. Kate Kate The fashion plate is the first book for tween and pre tween readers that introduces inspirational characters and historical figures through fun filled fashion adventures!

Deborah Kanafani 's new book Kate, Kate the Fashion Plate is designed to encourage girls of all ages to realize their dreams!www.TheGeorgetowner.com

Meet Kate Kate The Fashion Plate..and her friends,The Bizzy Girls. (ages 6-10)

Kate is an aspiring fashion designer who lives in New York with her mom and two adorable dogs. Kate and her friends have little businesses and big dreams.

Kate's mom is a famous fashion magazine editor and head of  the costume collection at a big museum (sound familiar)? This gives Kate and the Bizzy Girls access to the world of high fashion, where they get themselves into trouble, faster than they can get out.

In "I Have To Be Me" Kate's mom arranges for Kate to help decorate the windows at Bergs, New York's most famous fashion store. Kate thinks this is her chance to shine. But when Kate arrives at Bergs, she finds the dresses "boooring". Using her creative flair, Kate gives the clothes her own touch... until the owner of Bergs walks in and sees what Kate is doing. Now Kate is big trouble.. what will happen to Kate's dreams of being a fashion designer?

 In “Kate and The Queen", an exhibit is opening at the museum about Queen Marie Antoinette. The Queen’s dresses are Kate’s favorite and Kate has designed a fashion collection inspired by her. When Kate meets an expert on Marie Antoinette she decides that she would like to be an expert too. After exaggerating her knowledge of the famous Queen to friends, she finds herself in a predicament where she must conduct a tour of the exhibit for them. 

Can Kate become an instant expert and what will everyone think of her new fashion collection if she not an expert?

 Kate Kate and The Bizzy Girls entertains readers with fashion adventures that introduce them to women in history, positive role models and encouragement through Kate’s determination and creativity. Other books in the series are “I Have To Be Me” and soon to be released, “My Mother’s Mummy”. www.bizzygirls.com
                                   Kate Kate and The Bizzy Girls
                                                Book Series
Kate, a tween entrepreneur fashion designer and her friends, The Bizzy Girls, all have small businesses and big dreams. 
The series entertains readers with fashion adventures that inspire, educate and encourage girls to follow their dreams.
      I Have To Be Me
                      Kate and The Queen
Double .
      My Mother's Mummy

When Kate learns that a Mummy her mother found on a trip to Egypt is coming to New York, she cant wait to join in the celebration.

A big unveiling is planned at the museum where Kate's mom works.

Lucky enough to get a sneak preview of the mummy, Kate is deeply disappointed by it's old greyish coverings. Kate is worried that people coming to view the mummy at the museum, will also be disappointed.

Kate thinks she can save the day by desgning a new wardrobe for the mummies and surprising everyone at the unveiling. Watch as kate sends the fashion world spinning.
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