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Week One and Two:
Create a Product Line 
Offering a wide range of supplies, girls can explore making products such as natural henna nail polish, perfumes made from oils
and dried flowers, doggie tees and accessories, photo jewelry, and more! 

Product Line
Once girls decide on their product line they can make several samples of their product.

Business Plan
Each  girl develops a mini business plan using our simple form. This helps them look at cost, profit as well as complete a marketing plan.

Girls learn to price their costs, set a sale price and understand how to make a profit..

Girls learn to record inventory and keep track of sales.


Everything that Camp Kate Kate  does is to encourage young girls to celebrate their individuality, appreciate and respect each other's differences, tastes and  opinions.

At Camp Kate Kate. we encourage girls to share their ideas. We value their creativity and we believe in their power.

Camp Kate Kate's a creative think tank  for entrepreneurial education. 

Important Life  Skills:
Dream (yes)
Innovative and creative thinking
Brain storming

Organize your plan
Plan ahead
Make decisions
Problem solve

Produce and analyze results
Develop confidence
Be empowered!



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